Project B.L.I.N.G

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Project B.L.I.N.G (Ballers Leading and Inspiring the Next Generation.

As an avid fan of hip hop, I couldn’t help but start to feel that the music and the culture was moving in the wrong direction and that values that were being promoted by hip hop, at some point began to be sentimental to the collective self esteem and value system of those who adopt hip hop as their primary mechanism of societal adaptation, or in simple terms, as their instruction manual for how life is to be lived. At some point, there also began to be a tremendous focus on “BLING” and or/chains that rappers acquire when they first gain access to capital signifying that they have “made it”. I thought about all of that money “invested” in chains, and how it could actually be used to create substantial and tangible change within communities around the world, but especially the hip hop community. Thus, I conceived of Project B.L.I.N.G as an initiative which would involve leaders within the hip hop community, asking them to outwardly communicate and demonstrate their commitment to their communities by investing money that would otherwise be spent on jewelry into the community. Since hip hop is competitive in nature, “rappers and ballers” would brag about their investments in their own communities rather than the jewelry that they purchase. This would in turn begin to modify the value system within the hip hop community to ideals and notions that were more healthy and edifying in nature.

For this project, I conceived of the idea and created proposals  and supporting documentation (power points) in order to list hip hop leaders into the program.